Biden Claims One Presidential Candidate is Mentally Unfit – Hint: It’s Not Him

President Biden Pokes Fun at Rival Trump

President Joe Biden made headlines at a Washington roast by announcing that two candidates had secured their party’s nomination for president. He humorously pointed out that one candidate was deemed too old and mentally unfit for the job, while the other candidate was himself.

Biden Takes Jabs at Trump

During the Gridiron Club and Foundation Dinner, Biden continued to jest about his Republican rival, Donald Trump. He countered criticisms about his memory and confusion by highlighting Trump’s own slip-ups, such as mistaking Biden for Barack Obama.

Biden’s Serious Tone

Biden shifted to a more serious tone, emphasizing the threat to democracy if Trump, who falsely claims the 2020 election was stolen, were to return to the White House. He criticized Trump for being soft on Russian President Vladimir Putin and reiterated his commitment to defending democracy.

Biden Emphasizes Democracy and Freedom

Addressing the audience, Biden stressed the importance of democracy in the face of external threats. He refused to bow down to autocratic leaders and introduced key figures like the Ukrainian ambassador and Estonian Prime Minister.

A Night of Bipartisan Unity

The dinner, known for its bipartisan camaraderie, was attended by a diverse group of political figures and dignitaries. Notable guests included Vice President Kamala Harris, various Cabinet members, members of Congress, governors, and ambassadors, including the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Importance of Free Press

In his closing remarks, Biden emphasized the role of a free press in society, acknowledging the challenges faced by journalists around the world. He expressed his commitment to supporting journalism and bringing back journalists like Evan Gershkovich and Austin Tice.

Celebration Amidst Leaders

Biden and Harris were seated among administration officials and foreign leaders at the dinner, alongside prominent media personalities like Dan Balz, Sally Buzbee, and Jeff Bezos. The event took place at the Grand Hyatt, with strict restrictions on photography and television coverage.


Associated Press writer Joey Cappelletti in Lansing, Michigan, contributed to this report.

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