Bidenomics: The Cause of Rising Prices

Reimagined Article on Inflation and Bidenomics

The Impact of Rising Prices and Bidenomics on Americans

Understanding the Root Cause of Expensive Living

As Americans face the challenge of rising prices at gas stations and supermarkets, the question that lingers is, “Why is everything so expensive?”

In part, the answer lies in Bidenomics, a term coined to describe the failed combination of top-down government intervention, cronyism, and trillions of dollars in reckless spending.

Since 2021, President Biden and Congress have greenlit over $5.5 trillion in new spending. Acts like the Inflation Reduction Act, Chips and Science Act, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and American Rescue Plan have inundated the market with excess dollars, driving up the cost of living.

Addressing the Culprits Behind Inflation

Inflation is not solely caused by supply-chain disruptions, corporate greed, or external factors like Vladimir Putin. Instead, it stems from the excessive spending and money printing under Bidenomics over the past four years.

Money, like any commodity, derives its value from supply and demand. When the market is flooded with excess money, its value depreciates, leading to price hikes – a scenario that has unfolded in America since 2020.

Initially, record spending was authorized to combat the pandemic. However, Bidenomics exacerbated the issue by approving an additional $5.5 trillion in spending, causing the money supply to soar by 42% and inflation to surge.

The Role of Washington Politicians in Fueling Inflation

President Biden was not alone in implementing Bidenomics. Several Washington politicians supported bills that funneled taxpayer money to corporate entities, escalating living costs for all Americans.

Senators Bob Casey, Jon Tester, Jacky Rosen, Sherrod Brown, and Tammy Baldwin backed inflation-inducing acts, resulting in significant price hikes across their respective states.

Impact of Bidenomics on States Represented by Senators

  • Pennsylvania: Prices rose by 18%, with the average Pennsylvanian spending $888 more monthly due to Bob Casey’s support for Bidenomics.
  • Montana: Cumulative inflation reached 21.6%, costing residents $1110 extra each month because of Jon Tester’s allegiance to Bidenomics.
  • Nevada: With a 21.6% price increase, the average Nevadan pays $1168 more monthly as a consequence of Jacky Rosen’s pro-Bidenomics stance.
  • Ohio: Inflation surged by 18.8%, causing Ohioans to spend $905 more monthly due to Sherrod Brown’s pro-Bidenomics votes.
  • Wisconsin: Prices escalated by 18.8%, leading Wisconsinites to pay $921 more monthly because of Tammy Baldwin’s support for Bidenomics.

The Path to Combatting Inflation

To curb inflation, it is vital to prevent its recurrence. The past four years have illuminated the adverse effects of irresponsible government spending, emphasizing the need to hold accountable those who made life unaffordable.

As Washington and Americans grapple with the aftermath of inflation, the focus must shift towards learning from past mistakes and curbing excessive spending to safeguard economic stability.

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