Biden’s Proposal to Send Migrants Back to Mexico Once Illegal Crossings Exceed Limit

President Biden’s Executive Order to Limit Access to U.S. Asylum System

President Biden is set to issue an executive order that will restrict access to the U.S. asylum system when daily illegal border crossings surpass a specified threshold. This move is part of the administration’s efforts to manage the influx of migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Details of the Executive Order

Under the expected order, migrants who exceed the daily crossing limit will be returned to their home countries or Mexico and will not be eligible for asylum consideration. The threshold is anticipated to be set at an average of 2,500 to 3,000 daily crossings to control the flow of individuals seeking asylum in the United States.

Immediate Impact of the Order

With illegal border crossings averaging over 3,500 in recent weeks, President Biden’s order is likely to have an immediate impact on migration patterns along the southern border. The order is expected to mirror measures taken during the peak of the pandemic to swiftly expel migrants and deny asylum to those arriving illegally.

Challenges Faced by Border Authorities

Despite the proposed order, border agents continue to face constraints such as limited detention space, transportation capacity, and asylum officers. Additional resources will be crucial for the effective implementation of the new asylum restrictions to address the ongoing challenges at the border.

Legal Protections and Cooperation with Mexico

Migrants expressing fear of persecution and falling under protections like the Convention against Torture will remain eligible for asylum consideration. However, the extent of Mexico’s willingness to accept returned migrants from various countries in significant numbers remains uncertain.

Political Landscape and Public Opinion

The issue of immigration at the border has become a focal point in U.S. politics, with President Biden facing scrutiny over his handling of the situation. The expected executive order is likely to face legal challenges, echoing previous attempts to restrict asylum access by the Trump administration.

As the administration grapples with the surge in migration and seeks to address border security concerns, the debate over immigration policies continues to shape public discourse and political strategies.

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