Caitlin Clark Criticizes Michael Che for Sexist ‘SNL’ Jokes

SNL Weekend Update Roast: Caitlin Clark vs Michael Che

SNL Weekend Update Roast: Caitlin Clark vs Michael Che

The Roast

Caitlin Clark, the standout player of Iowa Hawkeyes, stole the show on “SNL” by responding to Michael Che’s apron joke with a roast of her own.

The Setup

Che’s quip about Iowa retiring Clark’s jersey for an apron didn’t sit well with the audience. However, the tables turned when Clark made her appearance alongside Che on the Weekend Update segment.

The Roast Begins

Clark wasted no time in playfully calling out Che for his joke, questioning his support for women’s sports.

Throwing Jabs

As the banter continued, Jost joined in by showcasing Che’s past remarks on women’s sports, leading to a comedic exchange between the hosts.

Turning the Tables

To counter Che’s jabs, Clark came prepared with her own set of jokes for Che to deliver, resulting in a hilarious back-and-forth.

The Final Move

After a series of laughs and witty remarks, Clark surprised Che with a signed apron as a parting gift, showcasing her sense of humor.

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