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### John Starbrook: The 93-Year-Old Water Polo Player

#### A Remarkable Athlete

John Starbrook, at 93 years old, is not your average senior citizen. He is the oldest water polo player at Hampton Pool and possibly the oldest in the country. Described as a “remarkable athlete” by his fellow players, Starbrook has been a keen swimmer for almost 80 years, starting from his youth after the end of the second world war.

#### A Life of Adventure

Aside from his passion for water polo, Starbrook has participated in numerous marathons, parachute jumps, and triathlons. He has raised over £50,000 for Age UK through his athletic endeavors and continues to inspire older individuals to stay active and challenge stereotypes about aging.

#### A Legacy of Fitness

Despite his impressive fitness levels, Starbrook attributes his health to a simple lifestyle. He claims to have never smoked, drank minimally, and maintained a balanced diet. His genes may also play a role, as he credits his mother’s side of the family for his longevity.

#### The Early Years

Born in the 1930s, Starbrook faced challenges early in life, including spending 14 years in a children’s home. Raised by his mother, who struggled to make ends meet, Starbrook found solace in staying active and fit. His first job delivering milk for United Dairies in Croydon is what he believes laid the foundation for his lifelong fitness.

#### A Lifetime of Activity

From his time in the army medical corps during national service to his retirement after a diverse career, Starbrook has always remained active. Known as “John the Egg” for his years delivering eggs to businesses around Heathrow, he continues to defy expectations of what it means to age gracefully. At 93, he shows no signs of slowing down and remains an inspiration to all who know him.

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