Carlee Russell Admits to Fabricating Own Kidnapping in Alabama, Receives Probation

Alabama Woman Pleads Guilty to Hoax

An Alabama woman, Carlee Russell, has pleaded guilty to filing a false police report after confessing to lying about being kidnapped. This resulted in a nationwide search last summer.

Legal Consequences

Carlee Russell pleaded guilty in Jefferson County Circuit Court to two misdemeanor counts. She was sentenced to supervised probation for 12 months, restitution of almost $18,000 to the City of Hoover, and 100 hours of community service. Additionally, she must continue mental health counseling as part of her probation.

Judge’s Decision

Judge David Carpenter chose to suspend Russell’s two six-month sentences, stating that incarcerating her would be a waste of government resources.

Personal Apology

During the court appearance, Carlee Russell expressed remorse for her actions, acknowledging the negative impact she caused and the emotional struggles that led to her hoax.

Review Hearing and Response

A hearing is set for October 16 to review the restitution payment and completion of community service hours. Russell’s attorney, Emory Anthony, thanked Judge Carpenter for handling the case with understanding and emphasized Russell’s apology to the affected communities.

Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell
Carlee Russell

Initial Incident

On July 13, Russell, a nursing student, reported a false 911 call about a child on the interstate in Hoover, Alabama. She then disappeared, sparking a search effort.

Unverified Claims

Russell later returned home after two days, claiming she had been kidnapped and escaped. However, police couldn’t verify most of the details, including a story about being forced to undress.

Revelation and Legal Outcome

On July 24, Russell admitted fabricating the kidnapping story. She had previously been found guilty of misdemeanor charges in municipal court.

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