Casey Urges Biden Administration to Rectify Inflation Reduction Act Guidelines Negatively Impacting U.S. Manufacturers

Casey Urges Biden Administration to Correct Guidance on Inflation Reduction Act Program to Support American Manufacturers

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is calling on the U.S. Department of the Treasury to correct the guidance on the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) program to ensure that steel and iron used in solar electricity generation projects are produced in the United States. Senator Casey secured a provision in the landmark law that includes strict domestic content standards to promote American-made products and protect American workers.

Benefits of Correcting the Guidance

Correcting the guidance will not only support American manufacturers but also prevent countries like China from benefiting from the IRA program. China has a history of dumping excess steel in the U.S. market, which harms American workers and industries. By ensuring that steel and iron used in solar projects are produced in the United States, the IRA program will champion American products and workers.

Specific Concerns with the Guidance

In a letter to Secretary Yellen and Commissioner Werfel, Senator Casey outlined concerns about the placement of structural steel components of photovoltaic trackers. The current guidance categorizes these components as manufactured products instead of steel and iron. This classification allows firms to use steel from abroad and still qualify for the bonus tax credit, undermining the intention of the IRA program.

Senator Casey’s Advocacy for American Workers

Senator Casey has consistently fought for federal initiatives that support economic revitalization and workforce development in Pennsylvania. He played a key role in passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will bring billions of dollars to Pennsylvania for clean energy infrastructure and create good-paying jobs. Senator Casey also fought to include strict domestic content standards in the IRA program to ensure the use of American-made steel and iron in projects.

Previous Advocacy for American Workers

This is not the first time Senator Casey has called on the Treasury Department to prioritize American workers and manufacturing. He previously urged the Treasury Department to implement guidance for clean energy tax credits that incentivize the use of American steel, iron, and manufactured goods. In addition, Senator Casey has delivered speeches and introduced legislation to support American workers and prevent investments in national security sectors from going to countries like China.

Recent Developments and Initiatives

Senator Casey recently announced the launch of two hydrogen hubs, funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will bring jobs, economic growth, and energy innovation to Pennsylvania. He also announced the establishment of the Energy Communities IWG Rapid Response Team, which will assist Pennsylvania organizations in coordinating federal resources for next-generation energy and workforce training.


Senator Casey’s efforts, along with the support of other senators, aim to correct the guidance on the IRA program and ensure that American manufacturers and workers benefit from clean energy projects. By prioritizing American-made steel and iron, the IRA program will contribute to economic revitalization and create a sustainable future for American workers.

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