China’s Hackers for Hire Exposed in Leaked Files

The World of Chinese State-Backed Hackers for Hire

Leaked documents have revealed a plethora of hacking services offered by a Chinese security firm, I-Soon, that supports China’s aggressive state-sponsored hacking endeavors. The materials detailed in the leaks showed an eight-year effort targeting databases and communications in various Asian countries. The files also depicted monitoring of ethnic minorities in China and online gambling companies.

The Secretive World of Chinese State-Backed Hackers

The leaked data provided a rare glimpse into the world of China’s state-backed hackers for hire, illustrating the collaboration between Chinese law enforcement, the Ministry of State Security, the People’s Liberation Army, and private-sector entities like I-Soon. Experts believe the leaked data to be authentic, shedding light on China’s extensive cyberespionage operations.

China’s Growing Cyberespionage Operations

China’s extensive hacking operations have continued to evolve, with the government using private contractors, such as I-Soon, to carry out cyberespionage activities. The shift towards private contractors mirrors tactics used by Iran and Russia, although it has raised concerns due to the lack of control over these entities. The leaks highlighted the entrepreneurial nature of Chinese hacking contractors and their sometimes amateurish approach to cyber espionage.

The Role of I-Soon in Chinese Cyberespionage

I-Soon, a Shanghai-based company with offices in Chengdu, was among the contractors exposed in the leak. The leaked materials showcased the company’s hacking techniques, including tools to hack email accounts and extract information from smartphones. One document even contained detailed flight records from a Vietnamese airline. While China has denied knowledge of the leak, the leaked data provides valuable insights for organizations defending against Chinese cyberattacks.

Safeguarding Against Chinese Cyberattacks

The data leak involving I-Soon, though just one of many Chinese hacking contractors, offers significant information for agencies and companies defending against cyber threats. The leak included sensitive information like a database of Taiwan’s road network, demonstrating the militaristic value of the data collected by firms like I-Soon. Experts believe this to be the most substantial leak of data tied to a company suspected of providing cyberespionage services for Chinese security services.

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