Citadel cadet involved in Jan. 6 Capitol attack seeks SC House seat

The Citadel Cadet Elias Irizarry Running for South Carolina House

Elias Irizarry, the former Citadel cadet who admitted to involvement in the January 6th Capitol insurrection, has entered the political arena by filing as a Republican candidate for the South Carolina House District 43. The district encompasses Chester and York counties.

Irizarry’s Background and Political Ambitions

Irizarry, hailing from Rock Hill, made headlines when video evidence showed him participating in the attack and breaching the Capitol during his freshman year at The Citadel. He pleaded guilty to charges related to unauthorized entry into a restricted area.

Challenging the Incumbent

Randy Ligon, the current Republican state representative for District 43, is seeking re-election. As of the latest update from the South Carolina Election Commission, Irizarry and Ligon are the sole contenders in the race.

Legal Ramifications and Political Aspirations

Despite his past legal troubles, Irizarry’s decision to run for public office demonstrates his desire to make a positive impact in his community. His candidacy adds an intriguing element to the upcoming election in the state.

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