Columns: Embracing Climate Action and Optimism in 2024

Reimagining Climate Change Solutions in 2024

Reimagining Climate Change Solutions in 2024

By Aaron Hoffman

Don’t let bad climate news overwhelm you. Climate change is a human-caused problem that requires human-created solutions. Behind the somber headlines, the world is quietly changing, generating cleaner power, and adopting sustainable transportation methods. These changes not only lower energy costs but also create jobs, improve air quality, and strengthen America’s energy independence.

clean energy Projects and Job Creation

Since the Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022, 251 new clean-energy projects have been announced in 40 states, with over $100 billion invested and over 90,000 new jobs created. CS Wind’s recent $200 million expansion in Pueblo will contribute to the creation of 850 new jobs.

Renewable Energy Progress in India and China

Contrary to popular belief, India and China are making significant strides in renewable energy. India has paused plans for new coal-fired capacity to focus on growing renewables, which have increased by 12% per year since 2018. China is surpassing their renewable energy targets ahead of schedule and is on track to double their current wind and solar capacity by 2025.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution

Reports of the electric vehicle (EV) industry’s demise are greatly exaggerated. In 2020, only one in 25 cars sold was electric. Now, one in five cars sold is electric. The U.S. Department of Energy confirms that EV sales continue to grow, with ample charging infrastructure and increasing consumer interest. Most EVs also have a lower cost of ownership than conventional vehicles.

Climate Legislation and Congressional Progress

Congress has passed several climate-related bills, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act. Recently introduced climate legislation includes the Energy Innovation Act, the PROVE IT Act, Sen. Hickenlooper’s BIG WIRES Act, and Sens. Bill Cassidy’s and Lindsey Graham’s Foreign Pollution Fee Act.

Solar Energy Revolution

The world has installed more solar energy production in the last three years than in the entire history leading up to 2020. Projections show that this trend will double in the next three years. The world collectively invests $1 billion per day in solar energy deployment.

We have reasons to celebrate, but we must also act faster. Each individual can make a difference in 2024:

Vote for Climate-Friendly Candidates

One of the most impactful actions you can take is voting for climate-friendly candidates.

Talk to Your Elected Officials

Engage with your elected officials and make your voice heard. Encourage them to prioritize climate action.

Normalize Climate Conversations

Break the silence around climate change and discuss climate solutions with friends and family. Let’s increase the conversation beyond the current 34% of Americans who talk about climate change.

Support Climate Organizations

Donate your money, time, and enthusiasm to organizations working towards effective large-scale climate solutions.

Make Climate-Informed Decisions

Let the climate inform your purchasing decisions. Take advantage of the new instant tax credit and consider buying an electric vehicle. Replace inefficient home appliances with efficient alternatives. Choose active transportation options like biking or walking to reduce reliance on cars.

There are countless individual actions we can take to help the climate in incremental ways, as well as advocate for larger-scale solutions. Each one of us can contribute to the clean-energy future and keep the solutions to climate change within reach. Here’s to a year of increased climate action and optimism in 2024!

Aaron Hoffman is a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to creating the political will for bipartisan climate solutions.

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