Conservative influencer taken into custody for Jan. 6 offenses

Conservative Influencer Accused in Capitol Riot

Isabella Maria DeLuca, a conservative influencer and former congressional intern, is facing federal charges unsealed on Monday for her alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Charges and Allegations

DeLuca, based in D.C., is charged with four standard misdemeanor counts common in Jan. 6 cases, along with an additional count of theft of government property. According to court documents, she was seen entering a congressional office through a broken window and assisting in the removal of a table, which was later used as a weapon against police.

Connection to Another Defendant

The table taken by DeLuca was reportedly used as a weapon by another riot defendant, Timothy Desjardins, who faces felony charges for assault and civil disorder in connection with Jan. 6.

Social Media Posts

Investigators noted that DeLuca posted about her presence at the riot, claiming she was justified in being there. She later expressed support for former President Donald Trump declaring martial law to overturn election results.

Background and Affiliations

DeLuca, now a conservative social media influencer with a significant following, has ties to conservative organizations and previously worked as an intern for Republican representatives. Court records show she was apprehended in California and has a pending hearing in D.C.

Legal Proceedings and Impact

Since the Capitol attack, over 1,300 individuals have been charged with various crimes related to the incident, with many facing consequences through guilty pleas or convictions.

Watch the Video Coverage

For more insights into the case, watch the video below:

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