Courts disbar Trump-supporting lawyer Lin Wood in federal court

Attorney Disbarred for Supporting Capitol Attack and Spreading Misinformation

Attorney Disbarred for Supporting Capitol Attack and Spreading Misinformation

Colorado Court Disbars Lawyer for Controversial Statements and Misconduct

A shocking decision was made by Colorado’s federal trial court on Thursday, resulting in the disbarment of an attorney who openly supported the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The attorney, L. Lin Wood, faced disbarment after retiring as a lawyer earlier this year in light of a misconduct investigation in Georgia. This investigation posed a potential threat to his career. The disbarment was carried out based on the rules of Colorado’s U.S. District Court, which permit the disbarment or suspension of attorneys who resign during misconduct investigations.

Committee on Conduct Recommends Disbarment

According to an official order dated December 14, the court’s Committee on Conduct recommended disbarment for Wood after being informed of the ongoing Georgia proceedings. Wood failed to respond to the committee’s recommendation, and when prompted to address the impending discipline, he sent a scathing email accusing the court of persecuting him based on his religious beliefs and support for former President Trump.

Disbarment Order Issued by Panel of Judges

A three-member panel, consisting of Chief Judge Philip A. Brimmer and Judges Regina M. Rodriguez and Charlotte N. Sweeney, signed off on the disbarment order. Wood, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, drew attention for his controversial statements urging people to ignore Vice President Mike Pence and President Biden while calling for firing squads to be prepared, with Pence being the first in line.

Spreading Misinformation and Discrediting the Election

Wood further spread rumors of a potential coup to execute Trump and his followers, and even claimed to possess substantial evidence of election fraud. His involvement in the spreading of misinformation and his attempts to undermine the integrity of the election raised serious concerns. In fact, Wood’s retirement from the Georgia bar was part of the disciplinary proceedings against him in his home state.

Failure to Notify the Court and Consequences

The panel’s order in Colorado revealed that Wood failed to notify the court of his retirement from the Georgia bar, as required by Colorado’s federal court rules. Attorneys are expected to remain in good standing wherever they practice and to inform the court if they are no longer in good standing. Wood’s failure to follow this protocol had severe consequences.

Similarities to Other Trump-Aligned Lawyers

Wood’s disbarment is not an isolated incident among lawyers aligned with former President Trump. Jenna Ellis, another Trump-associated lawyer, faced censure by Colorado’s state disciplinary authority for her false claims regarding the stolen 2020 election. Meanwhile, Trump himself faces potential disqualification from Colorado’s 2024 primary ballot due to his role in the January 6 attack. The Colorado Supreme Court is currently deliberating on this matter.


The disbarment of L. Lin Wood serves as a stark reminder of the consequences for attorneys who use their platform to spread misinformation and advocate for violence. Upholding the integrity of the legal profession is paramount, and attorneys must be held accountable for their actions.

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