Disappointment shared by college students who protested and those who didn’t over schools’ response

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Challenges Faced by Students in Recent Campus Protests

Disappointment in University Responses

Following a semester marked by widespread protests on college campuses nationwide, some students are expressing disappointment in their universities’ handling of the situations. Anne-Marie Jardine, a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, felt that the school did not prioritize student welfare during protests.

Violence During Protests

Jardine, along with other students, was arrested during a peaceful protest that turned violent, leading to injuries and arrests. The response from university officials left students like Jardine feeling unsupported and unheard.

Arrests and Charges

Despite charges of trespassing being dropped against Jardine and others, the aftermath of the protests raised questions about the handling of such events by universities.

Rising Tensions on Campus

Since mid-April, protests related to the conflict in Gaza have led to increased tensions on campuses across the country. Issues of antisemitism and Islamophobia have come to the forefront, challenging universities to address these concerns.

Call for Dialogue

Students like Jacob Schmeltz, a recent graduate of Columbia University, believe that universities should serve as platforms for open dialogue even on contentious topics. However, recent events have strained trust between students and institutions.

Impact on Campus Climate

Students like Eli Hiekali from the University of Southern California have observed a rise in antisemitism that has overshadowed interactions on campus. The failure of universities to effectively address these issues has left students feeling disillusioned.

Protests and Responses

Pro-Palestinian protests have led to clashes with authorities and arrests on campuses. Students have criticized the handling of such events, citing disparities in responses to claims of hate on campus.

Disparity in Responses

Students have pointed out discrepancies in how universities address claims of antisemitism and Islamophobia, calling for more equitable responses to promote a safe and inclusive campus environment.

Actions Taken

Some universities have begun to engage with protesters to address concerns and discuss potential divestment from certain investments. The ongoing dialogue seeks to find common ground and promote understanding.


As protests continue and tensions remain high, universities face the challenge of balancing free speech with maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all students. The aftermath of recent events highlights the need for open dialogue and proactive measures to address issues of hate and discrimination on campus.

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