Discover the top five strategies for choosing a successful weight loss diet tailored to your needs

### Research on Weight Loss

Many studies have shown the conventional wisdom — calories in/calories out — is mostly true. Christopher Gardner, a professor at Stanford University, discussed this on the podcast Chasing Life. He highlighted that it is mostly diet, not exercise, that plays a significant role in weight loss. Gardner was the senior author of a study published in the journal JAMA that looked at the effects of different diets on identical twins. The study found that people lose weight when there is a calorie deficit, regardless of the type of diet they follow.

### Plateau in Weight Loss

Gardner explained that as people continue with their diets and lose more weight, their bodies become more metabolically efficient. This leads to a plateau in weight loss, making it harder to shed the next pound. He also found that within each type of diet, such as keto, vegan, or low-fat, there was a wide range of weight loss outcomes. Some individuals lost significant weight, while others gained pounds.

### Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Gardner shared five tips to maximize weight loss and keep it off. He advised cutting back on low-quality carbs and added sugars, replacing them with fiber-rich foods and sources of unsaturated fats. He also recommended practicing mindful eating, stopping before feeling stuffed, and changing the mindset towards food choices for long-term sustainability. Gardner emphasized the importance of finding joy and pleasure in what you eat for long-term success.

### Compassion and Joy in Eating

Gardner encouraged individuals to show compassion to themselves during the weight loss journey, acknowledging that changing eating habits is not easy. He advised against being too hard on oneself for setbacks, as it can make future efforts more challenging. Finally, he stressed the importance of finding joy and pleasure in food choices to maintain long-term success in weight loss.

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