Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Declines to Endorse Biden for 2024 Election

The Rock Confirms No Endorsement for Presidential Candidate in 2024

Dwayne Johnson made it clear that he will not be endorsing any presidential candidate this year, as confirmed during an interview with Fox News. This marks a shift from his previous endorsement of Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

Johnson’s Stance on Political Influence and Division

Reflecting on his past endorsement, Johnson expressed concern over the division it caused in the country. He emphasized his desire to bring people together and stated that he will refrain from endorsing any candidate this time. Despite his significant influence, he prefers to keep his political views private.

Johnson’s Views on America’s Current State

In response to a question about his satisfaction with the state of America, Johnson admitted that he is not happy. He highlighted issues such as cancel culture, woke culture, and division as areas of concern for him.

No Plans for Presidential Run

While Johnson had previously considered running for president in 2024, he has since ruled out the possibility. He cited his role as a father as his top priority and expressed his lack of interest in pursuing a political career.

Political Parties Approaching Johnson

Discussing his interactions with political parties, Johnson revealed that he was approached by multiple parties in 2022 regarding a potential presidential run. Despite the interest shown in his candidacy, he reiterated his disinterest in politics.

Johnson’s Commitment to Family

Johnson underscored the importance of family in his decision-making process, highlighting his dedication to being present for his children. He shared personal experiences that shaped his perspective on balancing work and family life.

Watch Johnson’s Full Interview

To see the full interview with Dwayne Johnson on Fox News, check out the video below.

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