East Coast inundated by ‘Powerful’ storm resulting in flood alerts for 59M

Powerful Storm Hits East Coast, Causes Flooding and Flight Delays

Powerful Storm Hits East Coast, Causes Flooding and Flight Delays

Storm Brings Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

A “powerful” storm has swept through the mid-Atlantic coast, causing heavy rain, thunderstorms, and flooding. With flood alerts in effect for 59 million people from Virginia to Maine, the storm has left over 400,000 homes and businesses without power. In addition, airports are reporting flight delays and cancellations, causing holiday travelers to scramble.

Flooded Roads In New Jersey Amidst Severe Rainstorm
Cars stranded in floodwaters Monday in Paterson, N.J. – Kyle Mazza / NurPhoto via AP

Flash Flooding and Rainfall Risks in New England

The National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center has warned of a slight risk of excessive rainfall in parts of New England through Tuesday. The heavy rain is expected to cause localized flash flooding, with urban areas, roads, and small streams being the most vulnerable.

Storm Impacts in Florida and the Carolinas

This storm system has also impacted Florida and the Carolinas, bringing strong winds and torrential rain. Charleston broke a daily rainfall record with 3.86 inches of rainfall, while Gainesville, Florida recorded more than 7 inches. South Carolina experienced its greatest storm surge from a non-tropical system, with a high tide nearly reaching 10 feet.

Power Outages and Travel Advisory

The East Coast is already feeling the effects of the storm, with over 400,000 people across New England and New York without power. In New York City, a travel advisory is in effect due to flooding conditions, power outages, and high winds on bridges. The city’s emergency management office has warned of “imminent” flash flooding in Manhattan and the Bronx.

Warning to Avoid Flooded Roads

The city of Danbury’s Emergency Management office in Connecticut has urged locals to avoid driving through flooded roads, as water rescues and vehicles getting stuck in water have been reported.

Flight Delays and Cancellations

Flight delays and cancellations are causing chaos for holiday travelers. More than 500 delays and 370 cancellations have been reported, with these numbers expected to increase. This comes after a weekend that saw over 10,000 delays and nearly 200 cancellations.

Wind Alerts and Ground Stop at Airports

Thirty-eight million people in the Northeast are under wind alerts. Wind gusts have been recorded at various airports, including a 54 mph gust at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, a 60 mph gust at Brookhaven Calabro Airport in Shirley, New York, and a 51 mph gust at Boston Logan International Airport. A ground stop has been issued at Boston Logan International Airport due to high winds.

Widespread Rainfall and End of Heavy Rain Threat

By the end of today, every state on the East Coast will have experienced at least two inches of rain. The threat of heavy rain will end on Tuesday as the storm moves further into Canada.

Additional Snow and Rainfall Forecasts

Lake-effect snow downwind of the Great Lakes and upslope snow over parts of the northern and central Appalachians are expected from Monday to Wednesday. The heaviest snowfall will occur over parts of the central Appalachians, southwest of Lake Michigan, and along the central and eastern shores of Lake Erie. A storm is also moving onshore over the West Coast, bringing significant rainfall and snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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