Election leaders are on a campaign to restore trust in America’s election process, ahead of 2024

Federal, State, and Local Officials Working to Rebuild Trust in US Elections

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In an effort to rebuild trust in the American electoral system, federal, state, and local election officials are working together to debunk election lies and misinformation. As the 2024 elections approach, voters can expect to hear more about this collaborative effort.

Duval County Supervisor of Elections, Jerry Holland, emphasized the importance of not blindly accepting information found on the internet. “Just as much as I need to prove to the public what we do and how we do it — don’t take your source at face value,” Holland said. He has engaged in numerous conversations with concerned local voters who question the integrity of their vote and suspect voter fraud.

One of the most common allegations made by the public is that electronic voting machines are not secure due to their internet connectivity. Holland and election officials across the country strongly disagree with this claim, highlighting the importance of transparency and testing to ensure the security of the equipment. By allowing the public to witness the testing process, officials aim to provide reassurance.

Holland, who has been involved in the elections office for many years, has actively engaged with the public on the topic of election integrity. He attends regular in-person and online meetings, offers tours of the elections facilities, and addresses concerns raised by voters.

In addition to local efforts, national organizations such as the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission and the Centers for Election Innovation and Research are also working to address voter concerns and provide information on mail-in ballots, voter registration, and drop boxes.

Unproven claims of election fraud can have significant financial consequences. Voting machine companies, Smartmatic and Dominion, have filed lawsuits against media outlets, such as Fox News, for defamation. Fox News recently settled a lawsuit with Dominion for nearly $800 million, while Smartmatic is suing the network for $2.7 billion.

Officials stress the importance of providing tangible evidence when making claims about election fraud. “When you just make those careless claims, you’d better have proof. You better be able to show how it’s done, not just say it can be done. It has to be shown with proof,” Holland emphasized.

The Florida Department of State has also made election integrity a top priority. On their website, they outline the entire election process, including pre-election and post-election audits. In 2002, the department received 262 election fraud complaints, with over 75 reported to law enforcement in a state where more than 11 million people cast their votes.

As the nation looks ahead to the 2024 elections, officials at all levels are dedicated to rebuilding trust in the electoral system. By addressing voter concerns, debunking misinformation, and providing transparency, they hope to restore faith in the democratic process.

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