Ex-D.C. Police Officer Calls Trump’s Support of Jan. 6 Rioters ‘Sick’

Former D.C. Police Officer Criticizes Trump’s Support for Capitol Rioters

Michael Fanone, a former D.C. police officer, condemned former President Trump for referring to jailed Capitol rioters as hostages and suggesting he would pardon them if reelected.

Fanone’s Strong Words

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Fanone described Trump as sick for aligning himself with criminals who attacked law enforcement officers. Fanone emphasized that the officers were simply carrying out their duties when they were assaulted.

Supreme Court Hearing

Joining Willie Geist on the show, Fanone discussed the Supreme Court’s examination of Trump’s argument for presidential immunity. The court spent three hours listening to Trump’s lawyers’ defense against criminal prosecution for allegedly plotting to overturn the 2020 election results.

Impact of Capitol Attack

Having been beaten by rioters during the Capitol attack, Fanone suffered a heart attack and a traumatic brain injury. Despite his injuries, he has been a vocal advocate for law enforcement officers present on that fateful day.

Legal Implications

During the hearing, the Supreme Court expressed doubts about extending presidential immunity to cover attempted coup situations. Trump’s legal team argued for absolute immunity for his actions in office, even after leaving it, including efforts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power post-election.

Future Legal Battles

The outcome of this landmark case could lead to new legal challenges and potentially delay Trump’s current legal troubles. While a decision is anticipated by June’s end, special counsel Jack Smith is pushing for an expedited timeline from the court.

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