Ex-government official accused of falsely implicating colleagues in January 6th attack

Criminal Charges Against Former Government Official in Virginia

A Virginia ex-government official faces legal trouble for allegedly providing false information to the FBI, implicating seven former coworkers in connection to the January 6 Capitol attack, court documents reveal.

Arrest of Miguel Zapata

Miguel Zapata was arrested after being accused of misleading the FBI by submitting false reports on his colleagues through the bureau’s anonymous tip line. Some of the accused individuals were affiliated with an undisclosed intelligence agency.

Allegations and Accusations

According to Zapata’s arrest affidavit, he implicated his former coworkers as members of extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys. He alleged that they were involved in sharing sensitive information with these groups as part of a coordinated effort to subvert the government.

Debunking False Claims

However, investigations by law enforcement quickly discredited Zapata’s claims, as detailed in court records.

Current Status of the Case

It remains unclear why Zapata targeted his ex-colleagues with false accusations or why he is no longer employed by the U.S. government. He has not entered a plea and was released on bond after a court appearance in Washington, D.C.

Legal Representation

ABC News’ attempts to reach Zapata’s legal representative for comment were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

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