Ex-Police Officer Injured in Capitol Breach on Jan. 6 Issues Warning about Political Violence

Former Metro Officer Injured During Capitol Breach Goes on Nationwide Tour

Former Metro Officer Injured During Capitol Breach Goes on Nationwide Tour

The events of January 6 at the Capitol shocked the nation, and one of the responding officers, Michael Fanone, who was seriously injured during the breach, is now on a nationwide tour to raise awareness about political violence and the upcoming election.

Speaking Out Against Political Violence

Fanone recently visited Cincinnati as part of the “Not On Our Watch” tour, collaborating with the organization “Working with America” to engage with different groups and share his firsthand account of the attack that left him with severe injuries.

Engaging with Students

During his tour, Fanone has been actively speaking with students to educate them about the dangers of political violence. He highlighted the impact of dishonesty from politicians and the lack of trust in leaders as contributing factors to the events of January 6.

Disillusionment Among Young People

While interacting with young individuals, Fanone noted a sense of disillusionment stemming from the top-down dissemination of falsehoods that incited the Capitol breach. He expressed concern about districts perpetuating lies that fuel violence against law enforcement.

Sharing His Story

Not limiting his efforts to schools, Fanone has also addressed audiences at various institutions, including Ohio State University. In Cincinnati, he met with local leaders to further amplify his message and raise awareness about the consequences of political unrest.

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