Far-left group claims responsibility for arson attack targeting Tesla in Germany

Arson Attack Suspected at Tesla Factory

Activist Group Claims Responsibility

Firefighters rushed to the Tesla plant in Berlin following a suspected arson attack that led to a halt in production. The Volcano Group, a self-proclaimed far-left activist organization, declared in an online statement that they were behind the sabotage. The incident involved a fire at an electricity pylon near the factory, resulting in power disruptions in the facility and neighboring areas. Despite the disruption, Tesla assured that the building remained secure and workers were sent home safely.

Allegations Against Tesla

The Volcano Group’s letter accused Tesla of resource exploitation and labor abuse, along with allegations of groundwater contamination and excessive water consumption. The car manufacturer has yet to respond to these serious accusations. State police are currently investigating the authenticity of the activist group’s claims.

Security Measures and Expansion Controversy

Interior Minister Michael Stuebgen affirmed that the law would respond strongly to such acts of sabotage. Tesla’s plans to expand its Berlin facility have faced opposition from environmentalists concerned about deforestation. While some activists have camped in nearby forests to protest the expansion, groups like Robin Wood have distanced themselves from the recent fire incident.

Production Disruption

Tesla’s Berlin plant, the company’s sole European site, currently manufactures approximately 500,000 vehicles annually. The aspiration to double production output has been temporarily stalled due to the recent disruption. “We are currently unable to provide an estimate for when production will resume,” Tesla stated in response to the incident.

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