Fashion Show for Breast Cancer and First Responders Hosted by Woodland Hills Mall

### Tulsa First Responders Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Tulsa, Oklahoma – First responders in Tulsa showed their support for breast cancer awareness by participating in a fashion show at Woodland Hills Mall over the weekend. The event, which featured members of breast cancer survivor groups Project31, Susan G. Komen, and Soulful Survivors, aimed to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support.

### First Responders Hit the Runway

The Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa Fire Department, and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office took to the runway not only to model clothes but also to escort local breast cancer survivors down the catwalk. The event showcased the unity and support within the community for those affected by breast cancer, with first responders leading the way in showing their solidarity.

### Support from the Community

The fashion show was a collaborative effort between first responders and breast cancer survivor groups, highlighting the importance of coming together to support those in need. The event not only raised awareness about breast cancer but also provided a platform for survivors to share their stories and celebrate their strength and resilience.

### A Touching Tribute

The fashion show served as a touching tribute to all those who have been affected by breast cancer, honoring their journey and showcasing their courage. By participating in the event, first responders demonstrated their commitment to supporting the community beyond their traditional roles, showing that they are not only there in times of crisis but also in times of celebration and remembrance.

### Moving Forward

As the fashion show came to a close, the message of unity and support continued to resonate throughout the community. By standing together in the fight against breast cancer, first responders and survivors alike showed that no one has to face this battle alone. The event served as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit, inspiring hope for a future free of breast cancer.

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