FBI says Jan. 6 rioter wielding ‘stop the steal’ sign attacked officers with Trump flag

Arrest Made in Connection with U.S. Capitol Attack

An individual was apprehended on Thursday in relation to the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. The FBI affidavit details that the man assaulted law enforcement officers with a Donald Trump flag while brandishing a “stop the steal” sign.

Lance Ligocki Arrested

Lance Ligocki, also known as “Full Flag Suit,” was taken into custody in Illinois. He is facing charges for assaulting officers, resisting or impeding law enforcement, obstructing law enforcement during a civil disorder, and other misdemeanors.

FBI Investigation

According to the FBI affidavit, Ligocki was seen wielding a Trump flag and a “Stop the Steal” sign at the Capitol. Images and videos from his Facebook account confirmed his participation in the events on January 6.

Incriminating Social Media Posts

Ligocki’s social media posts described the January 6 events as “awesome” and predicted a potential civil war. Described as having distinct apparel and accessories, such as a miniature Trump statue and a MAGA hat, Ligocki’s online presence provided further evidence against him.

President Biden’s Remarks

Following Ligocki’s arrest, President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of acknowledging the events of January 6. More than 1,300 individuals have been arrested in connection with the Capitol attack, including a recent spate of arrests.

Recent Arrests

Alongside Ligocki’s arrest, several individuals, including Donald Moss, James Behymer, Annie Vo, Richard Staples, Ivan Todd, and others, were also apprehended for their involvement in the January 6 attack.

Recent Guilty Pleas

Furthermore, recent guilty pleas from individuals known as “Shield Grampy” and “Conan O’Riot” shed light on the violent actions that took place on January 6.


With over 950 convictions secured and sentences ranging from days to years in federal prison, the law is actively pursuing justice against those involved in the U.S. Capitol attack.

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