Fitness and wellness company seeks new location in Livonia with luxury amenities

### Storm Fitness Plans to Open Luxury Wellness Center in Livonia

Storm Fitness, a members-only fitness center based in Dearborn Heights, is set to open a new location in Livonia at 18340 Middlebelt Road. Owner Sahar Durant is investing over $1 million in the property to provide luxury wellness and fitness services to the community. The center will offer group classes, personal training, nutrition guidance, a sauna, and a cafe where patrons can purchase items like smoothies. Durant emphasized the importance of focusing on internal healing and recovery as the foundation for overall well-being.

### Rezoning Request for Commercial Expansion

Durant is seeking to rezone the property to accommodate commercial needs, allowing for potential future expansion of the fitness center. The expansion, if approved, could accommodate an additional 300 to 400 members. The city’s planning commission recently voted unanimously to recommend rezoning approval to the city council, with further approvals required for any expansion plans.

### Community Support and Growth

Durant expressed her desire to make luxury wellness accessible to more individuals in the area, highlighting the potential for increased capacity with additional space. The proposed relocation of Storm Fitness to Livonia reflects a growing demand for high-end fitness and wellness services in the community. The center aims to provide a holistic approach to health and well-being, focusing on both physical fitness and internal wellness.

### City Approval and Future Plans

With the planning commission’s recommendation for rezoning approval, Storm Fitness is one step closer to establishing its presence in Livonia. The proposed relocation represents a significant investment in the local community and a commitment to providing top-tier fitness and wellness services. As the fitness center prepares for its expansion, residents can look forward to a new option for luxury wellness in the area.

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