Flaco, the Central Park Zoo Owl who Defied Doubts and Escaped, Passes Away

Flaco, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl:

Flaco, the famous Eurasian eagle-owl from Central Park Zoo, sadly passed away after colliding with a building on the Upper West Side. The incident occurred after he escaped from the zoo, captivating the public’s attention during his time on the loose in Manhattan.

The Wildlife Conservation Society, responsible for the zoo, reported that Flaco was found on West 89th Street after the collision. The Wild Bird Fund, a rescue organization, was quickly alerted by building residents and declared Flaco dead upon arrival.

Following the incident, Flaco was taken to the Bronx Zoo for a necropsy to determine the cause of death. At the time of his passing, Flaco was close to celebrating his 14th birthday next month.

Flaco’s Life as a Free Bird:

Flaco’s journey as a free bird began on the night of February 2, 2023, when his enclosure was tampered with, leading to his escape. The Wildlife Conservation Society expressed disappointment in the act of vandalism, emphasizing that it ultimately led to Flaco’s untimely demise.

Despite the challenges of surviving outside the zoo, Flaco quickly gained a devoted following as he navigated his way through Manhattan. His ability to adapt to the urban environment and captivate the hearts of New Yorkers turned him into an unexpected symbol of resilience.

Throughout his time on the loose, the question of his survival lingered, with concerns about the risks he faced in the city. Despite the odds, Flaco managed to elude various threats for over a year, showcasing his strength and tenacity.

Challenges Faced:

Striking a building was just one of the many dangers Flaco encountered during his time outside captivity. From potential window collisions to rat poisoning and vehicle accidents, his life on the streets was fraught with risks.

Despite the hazardous environment, Flaco managed to navigate the cityscape by sticking to rooftops and other elevated structures. However, the looming threat of building strikes posed a significant danger, with thousands of birds falling victim to window collisions in New York City annually.

Farewell to a Feathered Friend:

David Lei and Jacqueline Emery, dedicated followers of Flaco, expressed deep sadness over his passing. Their memories of Flaco will remain cherished as they reflect on the impact he had during his time in the city.

This story continues to unfold and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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