Foreigners Among Staff Killed in Israeli Strike, World Central Kitchen Confirms, Gaza Authorities Report

Tragic Loss of Aid Workers in Gaza

Tragic Loss of Aid Workers in Gaza

Foreign Aid Workers Killed in Israeli Strike

Seven aid workers, including foreign nationals, were tragically killed in an Israeli military strike while delivering food to starving civilians in Gaza. The humanitarian group, World Central Kitchen, confirmed the deaths, which occurred despite coordinating movements with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Heartbreaking Fallout

The convoy, hit as it left the Deir al-Balah warehouse, was branded with the charity’s logo. The victims included individuals from the US, Canada, Australia, Poland, the UK, and a Palestinian. Videos obtained by CNN show the devastating aftermath of the airstrike in Deir Al-Balah.

International Outcry

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the unintentional targeting of the aid workers, while the IDF is conducting a thorough review. World Central Kitchen founder, Jose Andres, called for an end to indiscriminate killings and restrictions on humanitarian aid.

Global Response and Calls for Action

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Polish authorities demanded accountability for the deaths, with Hamas condemning the attack. The US and China expressed shock and grief, while other aid organizations mourned the loss.

Continued Humanitarian Efforts

Despite the tragedy, World Central Kitchen remains committed to its mission. The charity delivers meals to disaster-stricken regions worldwide, including Gaza, where aid agencies warn of a looming famine due to restricted aid access.

Looking Ahead

As investigations continue and demands for accountability grow, the international community calls for immediate action to prevent further tragedies. The World Central Kitchen’s dedication to providing food relief in crisis zones remains unwavering.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Contributions by CNN’s Benjamin Brown, Radina Gigova, and Antonia Mortensen.

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