Former FBI employee who raised concerns about Jan. 6 attack gets security clearance reinstated

Former FBI Employee Regains Security Clearance and Backpay

Former FBI Employee’s Security Clearance Reinstated

A former FBI employee, Marcus Allen, had his security clearance reinstated and was awarded 27 months of backpay after being suspended since February 2022 due to his questioning of the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

Initial Security Clearance Suspension

Allen’s security clearance was suspended in 2022 by the FBI citing security concerns related to his “allegiance to the United States,” as communicated in a letter shared with Congress.

Congressional Hearing Testimony

Allen testified at a congressional hearing led by House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan last year after the FBI informed Congress about the revocation of security clearances of three agents involved in the Capitol riot.

Reasons for Suspension

The FBI listed several reasons for suspending Allen, including an email where he urged caution in investigative inquiries related to the January 6 events, leading to concerns about safeguarding classified information.

Reinstatement and Resignation

Following a settlement agreement, the FBI reinstated Allen’s security clearance on May 31, after which he resigned from the bureau.

Vindication and FBI Response

Allen’s lawyer, Tristan Leavitt, hailed the reinstatement as “total vindication,” while the FBI defended its handling of the process without admitting wrongdoing.

Gratitude and Defense

In response to the reinstatement, Allen expressed gratitude for the support received during the difficult period. The FBI emphasized its commitment to protecting employees who make protected disclosures under whistleblower regulations.

Congressional Inquiry

Jim Jordan questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland during a hearing about potential retaliation against Allen, to which Garland affirmed that retaliating against whistleblowers is against the law and will be punished.

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