Former Sheriff’s Deputy Who Attacked Police During Capitol Riot Receives Nearly 6-Year Prison Sentence

Former Sheriff’s Deputy Sentenced for Capitol Assault

A former Tennessee sheriff’s deputy has been handed a nearly six-year prison sentence after assaulting police officers during the January 6th Capitol riot. Ronald Colton McAbee, wearing a bulletproof vest adorned with a “SHERIFF” patch and a Three Percenters militia insignia, was involved in the chaos that unfolded that day. Despite his claims of not intending to instill fear, McAbee’s actions were aggressive.

Assault and Apologies

During the riot, McAbee dragged a police officer away from the line and hit another who tried to intervene. Although McAbee expressed regret and apologized to the families of those affected, the judge pointed out his apparent pride in the violent acts committed during the insurrection.

Legal Proceedings

After pleading guilty to two counts, including felony assault, McAbee was found guilty of five additional charges. He was on medical leave from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office when he traveled to D.C. for the rally. In a moment captured on camera, McAbee was seen smiling the day after the riot, holding a newspaper with the headline “INSURRECTION.”

Violent Actions

McAbee’s violent actions included interfering with police efforts to aid fallen colleagues and engaging in physical altercations. Despite his claims of trying to help a woman in distress, the court found his behavior unacceptable and sentenced him accordingly.

Outcome and Sentencing

McAbee was sentenced to nearly six years in prison, with credit for time already served. His companions also faced legal consequences for assaulting an officer. With over 1,300 individuals charged in connection to the Capitol riot, McAbee’s case serves as a reminder of the repercussions of participating in acts of violence and insurrection.


As the legal system continues to hold those involved in the Capitol riot accountable, the consequences for such actions are becoming increasingly clear. McAbee’s case highlights the severity of participating in violent events and the importance of upholding the law.

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