Fox News Sued For $1.6B By Dominion Voting Systems Over Election Coverage; Network Insists It “Stands In The Highest Tradition Of American Journalism” – Update

Fox News Faces $1.6 Billion Lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems

Fox News is facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, with the network being accused of spreading false information about the 2020 election. The lawsuit, filed in Delaware Superior Court, alleges that Fox News “sold a false story of election fraud” to serve its own commercial purposes, severely damaging Dominion in the process.

Dominion Voting Systems has previously sued others, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, for perpetuating erroneous claims that its machines were manipulated to sway the election results in favor of Democrats. Despite numerous legal certifications confirming President Joe Biden’s victory, former President Donald Trump and his supporters continued to push unfounded fraud allegations, leading to the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

In response to the lawsuit, Fox News has defended its 2020 election coverage, stating that it is in line with the highest tradition of American journalism. The network has vowed to vigorously defend against what it calls a “baseless” lawsuit in court. Additionally, Fox News, along with parent company Fox Corp., is facing another $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic, with motions filed to dismiss the case based on First Amendment protection.

During the post-election period, there were reports of internal division within Fox News over the content aired, both in daytime news coverage and primetime opinion shows. While individual hosts were not named in the Dominion lawsuit, there is speculation about potential claims against them. Smartmatic’s lawsuit specifically names Maria Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs as defendants, highlighting the significant legal challenges facing the network.

The lawsuit underscores the impact of misinformation and the consequences of broadcasting false narratives. Dominion Voting Systems, a company previously unknown to the public, found itself at the center of a fictional fraud tale, leading to harassment of its employees by Trump supporters. As the legal battle unfolds, the truth of the matter remains crucial, with Dominion emphasizing the damaging effects of false reporting on its reputation.

In conclusion, the legal actions against Fox News highlight the ongoing repercussions of spreading misinformation and the responsibility of media outlets to uphold journalistic integrity. As the lawsuits progress, the outcomes could have far-reaching implications for how news organizations report on elections and other critical events in the future.

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