Georgia Farmer’s Dream Comes True with Funding

Georgia Farmer’s Success Story with NRCS-GA

Zach Hightower’s Farm Transformation with NRCS-GA

The Beginning of a Journey

Back in 2017, Zach Hightower took the bold step of purchasing Shoal Creek Farms, a 250-acre cattle and poultry operation in Madison County, Georgia. Having previously leased the land, he was well aware of the challenges it presented. Seeking solutions, Hightower turned to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Georgia (NRCS-GA) and applied for assistance through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

Immediate Success and Delayed Progress

Some of Hightower’s applications were swiftly approved, enabling him to build essential infrastructure like a combination stack house and poultry facility, as well as update cattle watering and feeding areas. However, his plans to enhance energy efficiency in the poultry houses faced a setback due to funding shortages.

Turning the Tide

Fortunately, in the following year, Hightower’s application for radiant heaters and attic insulation for the poultry houses was greenlit. With this success, he continued to submit NRCS applications for further enhancements. Funding for stack houses and pads was secured, followed by improvements to cattle watering and feeding areas. Subsequently, the poultry house projects also received financial approval.

Continued Progress

For more details on Zach Hightower’s inspiring journey, read the full story here. To explore similar opportunities for your own farm, reach out to NRCS at your local USDA Service Center.

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