Gluten-free restaurant now open in Niles with certification

### New BIBIBOP Asian Grill in Niles Draws Customers with Gluten-Free Options
Customers lined up in front of the new BIBIBOP Asian Grill in Niles, attracted by the chain’s gluten-free certification. This certification means that the restaurant is considered 100% gluten-free, providing a safe dining option for individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

### Customizable Bowls and Safe Dining Options
At BIBIBOP, customers have the freedom to create their own bowls, choosing from options such as chicken, beef, tofu, veggies, and rice. With all menu items being gluten-free, the restaurant caters to those who need to strictly avoid gluten in their diet.

### Importance of Certified Gluten-Free Restaurants
For the nearly two million people in the US who have celiac disease, finding a dining option that is completely gluten-free can be a challenge. Eating even a small amount of gluten can trigger severe reactions in individuals with celiac disease, making certified gluten-free restaurants like BIBIBOP essential for their safety and well-being.

### Traveling Far for Gluten-Free Dining
Some customers are willing to travel long distances just to dine at a certified gluten-free restaurant like BIBIBOP. In one instance, a group of 12 people drove 45 minutes from Maryland to Delaware simply because it was the only place where they could all gather safely and enjoy a meal without worrying about gluten contamination.

### Commitment to Safety and Quality
Certified gluten-free restaurants like BIBIBOP undergo regular inspections to ensure that they meet the criteria of a 100% gluten-free establishment. Eddie Chaib, Director of Operations for BIBIBOP Asian Grill, mentioned that random locations are inspected annually to uphold the restaurant’s commitment to providing safe and gluten-free dining options.

### Growing Need for Gluten-Free Options
As the incidence rates of celiac disease continue to rise, the demand for certified gluten-free restaurants is also increasing. Individuals with celiac disease want to be able to dine out with friends, travel, and enjoy meals without constantly worrying about the safety of their food. Restaurants like BIBIBOP play a crucial role in meeting this need and providing a safe and inclusive dining experience for all customers.

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