GOP’s ‘energy week’ criticizes Biden on climate; taxes support plastic manufacturers causing pollution

Republicans’ Resistance to Climate-Friendly Legislation

Republicans’ Resistance to Climate-Friendly Legislation


Despite the undeniable shift in climate change acceptance among congressional Republicans, their opposition to climate-friendly measures remains strong. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) faced unanimous rejection from GOP members, who label it as part of President Biden’s “radical green agenda.”

Republican Pushback

House Republicans, led by Majority Leader Steve Scalise, recently challenged the Biden-Harris administration’s climate initiatives during an “energy week.” Scalise dismissed climate change as an existential threat and instead emphasized national security and affordability concerns.

Rejection of Climate-Friendly Bills

The House passed several bills during this period, including one curtailing the Clean Water Act’s scope and another prohibiting a moratorium on hydraulic fracking. These bills received bipartisan support but were critiqued for their environmental impact.

Republican Criticism

Republicans have been vocal in denouncing the Biden administration’s environmental policies, with some calling them “anti-American.” The proposed American Climate Corps program has also faced backlash, with critics labeling it as wasteful spending on “climate busybodies.”

Future Implications

Despite pushback from Republicans, the Biden administration continues to push for climate-friendly policies. While environmental groups applaud recent emissions rules for vehicles, Republican opposition remains steadfast, threatening to derail progress towards a more sustainable future.


As the debate on climate policy continues, the divide between Republicans and Democrats remains stark. The outcome of this clash will not only shape the future of environmental legislation but also impact the global fight against climate change.

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