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Government Unveils New Extremism Definition

The government has introduced a new extremism definition that aims to combat radical ideologies. This move comes in response to the rising concerns of increasing extremist activities.

According to BBC News, the new definition sets clear boundaries and guidelines for identifying extremist behavior.

Ban on Contact with Extremist Groups

Ministers and officials are now prohibited from engaging with groups labeled as extremist. The government’s decision to enforce this ban is a significant step in curbing the influence of radical organizations.

The Guardian reports that this measure is aimed at preventing any form of collaboration that may contribute to the spread of radical ideologies.

Rise in Hate Crimes Triggers New Definition

The UK has unveiled a new extremism definition in response to the surge in hate crimes targeting specific communities. This move is crucial in addressing the growing concerns of discrimination and violence against vulnerable groups.

Reuters UK highlights the necessity of redefining extremism to address the root causes of such crimes and promote unity within the society.

Naming Extremist Groups to Safeguard Democracy

In an effort to protect democracy from the threats posed by far-right and Islamist extremists, the government will now identify and name groups inciting hatred as extremists. This proactive approach is crucial in safeguarding the values of democracy and ensuring a harmonious society.

The Telegraph emphasizes the importance of this decision in upholding the principles of democracy and protecting society from divisive ideologies.

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