Haley’s chances to catch Trump in N.H. primary could be boosted by Independents and Democrats

Can Nikki Haley Beat Donald Trump in the New Hampshire Primary?


Marie Mulroy, an unenrolled voter from Manchester, New Hampshire, is the type of voter that Nikki Haley is banking on to defeat Donald Trump in the state’s upcoming primary. Despite being a usual Democratic voter, Mulroy plans to pull a Republican ballot and cast her vote for Haley. Her primary goal, she says, is to prevent Trump from returning to office. With Haley’s recent third-place finish in Iowa, the focus now shifts to New Hampshire, where she has a chance to secure an upset victory over Trump.

A Big Opportunity for Haley

Nikki Haley sees the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire as a significant opportunity for her campaign. Recent polls indicate that she has a real chance of beating Trump, who emerged as the clear front-runner after his triumph in Iowa. Haley is counting on the support of moderate Republicans, independents, and even some Democrats in the Granite State. She trusts the people of New Hampshire to help her save the country.

Attractive to Independents

In contrast to Trump’s divisive approach, Haley adopts a more moderate tone that resonates with many independents in New Hampshire. Voters like Marie Mulroy, the state’s largest voting block, find themselves drawn to Haley’s candidacy. Mulroy, having previously considered supporting former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has now firmly committed to voting for Haley, believing that she has what it takes to defeat Trump. Mulroy criticizes Trump for lacking a moral compass, stating that she cannot understand why anyone would vote for him.

Independents Are Key

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu predicts that independent voters will turn out in record numbers on primary day to help Haley surpass Trump. Sununu believes that Trump has reached a saturation point of support, as many people are tired of the chaos he brings. Having endorsed Haley in December, Sununu has been actively supporting her throughout her extensive town hall events over the past 11 months. He firmly believes in the power of political momentum and sees it working in Haley’s favor.

Surging at the Right Time

Kim Rice, a former New Hampshire state representative and co-chair of Haley’s campaign, shares Sununu’s optimism. Rice believes that Haley is experiencing a surge of support at precisely the right moment, thanks to the backing of independents and some Democrats. She points out that even her own daughter switched her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to vote for Haley in the primary. Rice’s daughter is not alone, as nearly 4,000 Democratic voters have changed their affiliation to either Republican or undeclared ahead of the primary. This trend suggests a positive outlook for Haley, considering that polls indicate she is closing in on Trump’s lead.

Support from Political Center and Center-Left

Haley is receiving support from the super PAC Primary Pivot, which is actively encouraging voters from the political center and center-left to back Haley in the primary. Primary Pivot believes that Trump poses an existential threat to democracy. They argue that it is crucial to prevent his return to office, considering his encouragement of the January 6th attack on the Capitol and his baseless claims of election fraud. Primary Pivot even urges those planning to vote for President Biden in the general election to support Haley in the primary.

Not Everyone Agrees

Kathy Sullivan, a former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, disagrees with this strategy to defeat Trump. Sullivan believes that Nikki Haley is not the person capable of stopping Trump; instead, she sees Joe Biden as the only one who can accomplish that in November. Sullivan is leading a write-in campaign for Biden, as his name will not appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot. She argues that even if Haley wins in New Hampshire, Trump will ultimately secure the Republican nomination, as he holds significant leads in many states that vote after New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Primary’s Uncertainty

The history of the New Hampshire primary is marked by surprises, and this year could be no different. If Nikki Haley manages to defeat Donald Trump in the Granite State, it could be a slight setback for the former president. However, national polls suggest that it will not be a knockout blow. Despite the uncertain outcome, the upcoming primary will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race.

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