Handwritten Journal Entries Detailing Months of Abuse of Ruby Franke’s Children by YouTuber

Ruby Franke’s Child Abuse Case Revealed Through Journal Entries

A former YouTube family vlogger, Ruby Franke, was recently sentenced on child abuse charges, with details of the abuse coming to light through handwritten journal entries released by prosecutors. In these heavily redacted entries, Franke repeatedly claimed that her son was possessed by a demon. She described incidents like pushing her son into water and holding his nose and mouth.

Legal Consequences for Franke and Business Partner

In February, Franke received prison sentences, alongside her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, for their involvement in the child abuse case. Both women were arrested and pleaded guilty to multiple counts of second-degree aggravated child abuse after police found Franke’s son emaciated and bound with duct tape.

Revealing Journal Entries

The released journal entries mainly focused on two of Franke’s children, referred to as “E” and “R” in the redacted documents. The entries detailed disturbing incidents like forcing her daughter to stand in the rain for hours and pushing her son into the sun with a cactus poker.

Body Camera Videos and Legal Motivations

Prosecutors also released police body camera video footage, photos, and interrogation tapes that shed further light on the case. The women were believed to be motivated by religious extremism, using abuse as a way to teach the children how to repent for imagined sins.

8 Passengers YouTube Channel and Divorce Filing

Ruby Franke and her family gained popularity through the YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” documenting their lives with over two million subscribers. However, the channel came to an end following the legal troubles. Kevin Franke, Ruby’s husband, later filed for divorce after her arrest.

Apologies and Hopes for Healing

During her sentencing, Ruby Franke apologized to her children, expressing remorse for her actions. Meanwhile, Jodi Hildebrandt expressed hopes for the children to heal both physically and emotionally, emphasizing her decision not to go to trial to spare them from further emotional distress.

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