Harry Dunn, Jan. 6 Capitol Cop, Unsuccessful in House Seat Primary Bid

Harry Dunn Falls Short in Bid for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District

Former U.S. Capitol police officer Harry Dunn, who faced racial abuse during the January 6 insurrection, experienced a setback in his quest for the Democratic nomination in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Maryland state Senator Sarah Elfreth emerged victorious, with significant support from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

AIPAC’s Influence in Congressional Races

The super PAC associated with AIPAC poured over $4.2 million into Elfreth’s campaign, positioning her to secure the suburban Baltimore/Washington, D.C.-area seat in Congress. AIPAC’s strategic involvement underscores the potency of well-funded super PACs in reshaping election outcomes, even when faced with formidable opponents like Dunn.

Elfreth’s Progressive Agenda

Elfreth advocates for progressive policies such as abortion rights and gun safety measures, aligning with the Democratic Party’s mainstream liberal stance. Her campaign emphasizes community welfare and enjoys endorsements from various unions.

Policy Differences and Controversy

Dunn, though more aligned with progressive positions like Medicare for All and rejecting corporate PAC donations, found himself at odds with AIPAC’s preferences. While Dunn’s policy stance on Israel aid aligned with AIPAC, external factors influenced the super PAC’s decision to support Elfreth instead.

Progressive Coalition Backlash

AIPAC’s intervention led to a surge of progressive backing for Dunn, with groups like J Street and the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC endorsing him. Dunn’s critique of AIPAC’s backing of Elfreth highlighted the ideological conflict that arose, portraying him as a champion against corporate influence and for democratic integrity.

AIPAC’s Declaration of Victory

AIPAC hailed Elfreth’s triumph as a validation of its policy agenda, citing her victory over candidates supported by J Street and Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. The group views being pro-Israel as not only sound policy but also politically advantageous.

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