Health and Human Services Secretary discusses reducing prescription costs during visit to Michigan

Biden Administration Officials Highlight Inflation Reduction Act in Michigan

Secretary Xavier Becerra and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell visited a senior center in Ann Arbor to discuss the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on prescription drug costs for seniors.

Benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act

The act is expected to save seniors and Medicare recipients at least $400 a year on prescription drugs. It provides free vaccines, caps insulin prices at $35, and will limit out-of-pocket drug costs to $2,000 by 2025. Becerra highlighted the ability to negotiate lower prices for expensive drugs under the Medicare program.

Impact on Affordability of Medication

Becerra emphasized that the new law will make medication more affordable for Americans, ensuring they no longer have to ration their pills or skip doses due to financial constraints.

Focus on Michigan

Despite not being a campaign event, the visit by Biden Administration officials indicates a focus on Michigan. This comes amidst visits from President Biden and Energy Secretary in recent weeks. The attention on Michigan is seen as an effort to bolster support in the state.

Efforts to Spread Awareness

Becerra’s visit aimed to raise awareness among seniors and Medicare recipients about the changes brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act. He stressed the importance of informing people about the cost-saving measures to help them afford necessary medications.

Discussion on Reproductive Rights

Becerra concluded his visit by joining Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Farmington Hills to discuss efforts to protect reproductive rights.

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