Heroes and Villains of Jan. 6

The Tale of Two Congressional Candidates

Get ready for a captivating story featuring two contenders for Congress, each with a unique role in the events of January 6, 2021. On one side, we have Derrick Evans, an unapologetic “J6” felon, who made headlines for forcibly entering the U.S. Capitol. On the other side, former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who bravely defended the Capitol against the MAGA mob.

Opposite Paths Lead to Congress

As the new Congress convenes in January 2025 to certify the electoral vote count, Derrick Evans and Harry Dunn could find themselves seated on opposing sides of the aisle. Dunn, after a distinguished 15-year career with the Capitol Police, retired to enter the Democratic primary in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Meanwhile, Evans, fresh off a three-month sentence for felony civil disorder, is challenging the GOP incumbent in West Virginia’s 1st District.

A Stark Contradiction in Values

Evans, known for his controversial actions, gained notoriety by live-streaming confrontations outside an abortion clinic, yet managed to secure a seat in the state Legislature. His involvement in the January 6 events ultimately led to his resignation. In contrast, Dunn’s bravery and dedication to upholding democracy earned him a Presidential Citizens Medal from President Joe Biden in recognition of his actions on that fateful day.

Standing Ground Against Injustice

Harry Dunn’s unwavering commitment to justice saw him testifying against the perpetrators of the insurrection and authoring a book detailing his experiences. His message is clear: accountability is paramount to ensure the safety of our democracy. In stark contrast, Derrick Evans’ unrepentant attitude and extreme views have garnered support from far-right figures, raising concerns about his candidacy for Congress.

The Road to Redemption or Reckoning

As Derrick Evans embarks on his congressional campaign, his divisive rhetoric and controversial social media posts continue to spark outrage. While he seeks to align with the Freedom Caucus, his inflammatory statements and associations with extremist figures raise serious concerns about his fitness for office. The tale of these two candidates serves as a stark reminder of the choices we face in protecting our democracy.

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