Hoffman Estates, IL Man Tyng Jing Yang Sentenced for Charges Linked to Capitol Attack on January 6, 2021

Hoffman Estates Man Faces Prison Sentence for Capitol Violence Involvement

A 61-year-old man from Hoffman Estates, Illinois, may be sent to prison for his role in the violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Federal authorities argue that Tyng Jing Yang was at the forefront of the mob during the chaotic events.

Sentencing and Prosecution’s Request

Tyng Jing Yang is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday morning after pleading guilty to a felony civil disorder charge. Federal prosecutors are requesting an 11-month prison term for Yang.

Obstruction of Capitol Police

In the midst of the mayhem, Yang obstructed Capitol police officers and refused to move back or leave when they formed a line to expel the rioters from the Rotunda. This information is stated in the sentencing memorandum filed in the case.

Defense’s Argument and Government’s Evidence

During his sentencing hearing, Yang’s defense team is expected to argue that he acted in self-defense, touching an officer’s arm and baton during the commotion. However, the government’s sentencing recommendations include images from surveillance footage and photos taken on January 6, 2021, showing Yang grabbing a police officer’s wrist and baton as rioters were being pushed out of the Capitol Rotunda.

The Importance of Photographs

Gil Soffer, a former federal prosecutor and ABC 7 chief legal analyst, emphasizes the significance of the photos as evidence against Yang. The photographs clearly show that Yang physically interfered with the police officers, blocking them and grabbing their baton.

Unlikely Arguments

Soffer believes that Yang’s claims of self-defense and his request for probation will be challenging arguments to make during the sentencing hearing.

Apology and Regret

Yang’s attorney, Paulette Pagán, stated that her client has taken full responsibility for his actions and deeply regrets them. Yang wishes to apologize to law enforcement, the community, and his loved ones.

Seriousness of the Case

The sentencing recommendations made by federal authorities in Yang’s case highlight the gravity of these charges. Despite Yang’s lack of criminal history and his brief presence in the Capitol area, the government is seeking a substantial prison term for a first-time offender.

Government’s Message

According to Soffer, these cases send a clear message from the government about the seriousness of their prosecution against those involved in the Capitol violence.

Source: ABC7 Chicago

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