‘I derive satisfaction from helping people see life through different lenses’

### Singapore #Fitspo of the Week Scott Tay

Scott Tay, the founder of the adventure travel company Beyond Expeditions, is this week’s #Fitspo feature on Yahoo. At 31 years old, standing at 1.80m and weighing 80kg, Scott leads a healthy and active lifestyle that goes beyond just numbers on a scale.

### Fitness Regimen and Diet

Scott follows a vegetarian diet, with tofu being a staple in his meals. His comfort foods include daal and chapati, and he aims to stay active by hitting the gym or going for a run at least six times a week in Singapore. He used to participate in various sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball, exploring different activities to find what resonated with him.

### Backpacking Adventures and Beyond Expeditions

Scott started backpacking at the age of 17 and has since visited places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Mongolia. The desire to explore the world led him to start Beyond Expeditions, promoting Mongolia as an unconventional holiday destination for transformation and personal growth.

### Charity Work and Career Challenges

Beyond Expeditions has been raising funds for various charities through their expeditions since 2018. Scott values the creative freedom his career offers but faces challenges in executing ambitious concepts with the team. His experience in the Singapore Civil Defence Force during national service has helped him communicate effectively with diverse personalities.

### Personal Growth and Confidence

Travel plays a significant role in Scott’s life, guiding individuals through personal transformation. He has learned to prioritize inner growth and embrace a more low-key lifestyle. Despite feeling insecure in the past, Scott now feels confident and satisfied with his body, with a goal of gaining an additional 10kg of muscle if his schedule allows.

### Embracing the Journey

Scott encourages embracing the journey of constant evolution and self-improvement. With a focus on personal growth, charity work, and promoting transformative travel experiences, Scott Tay embodies the spirit of a true #Fitspo, inspiring others to lead healthy, active lifestyles beyond just physical appearances.

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