‘I have never experienced such profound grief’

Brianna Ghey’s Killers Face Sentencing: A Tragic Tale of Violence and Loss


The mother of Brianna Ghey, a fearless and brave transgender teenager, expressed her overwhelming grief as the killers of her daughter prepared to face sentencing. Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, both 16 years old, lured Brianna to a park in Cheshire in February 2023 and brutally stabbed her 28 times. In court, her mother, Esther Ghey, emphasized that these dangerous individuals would forever pose a threat to society.

The Devastating Impact on Brianna’s Family

Esther Ghey spoke of the heartbreak caused by the realization that one of Brianna’s murderers was someone she believed to be a friend. Alisha Ghey, Brianna’s sister, expressed her deep loss and the difficulty she now faces in trusting new people. Brianna’s father, Peter Spooner, described his pride in having another beautiful daughter and mourned the life that was taken away from her.

The Manipulation and Predation

During the trial, it was revealed that both Jenkinson and Ratcliffe preyed upon Brianna’s vulnerabilities. Jenkinson, who had a history of drugging a younger pupil, targeted Brianna after being transferred to Birchwood Community High School. Ratcliffe, a childhood friend, joined in the planning and execution of the murder. Their fascination with violence, torture, and murder played a significant role in their heinous act.

A Shocking Revelation in Court

Deanna Heer KC, the prosecuting lawyer, disclosed that Jenkinson had admitted to stabbing Brianna herself. She described the horrifying details of the murder, explaining that both teenagers blamed each other but ultimately, Jenkinson confessed to the act. Disturbing evidence, including a handwritten “murder plan” found in Jenkinson’s bedroom, and notes on infamous serial killers, highlighted the extent of their obsession with violence and death.

The Defense’s Arguments

Richard Pratt KC, defense counsel for Jenkinson, shared that his client’s intentions differed from what she had previously confessed to a psychiatrist. He also acknowledged Jenkinson’s fascination with notorious killers. Richard Littler KC, representing Ratcliffe, denied any transphobic motives and argued that Ratcliffe had been recruited by Jenkinson and influenced by her actions.

Awaiting Sentencing

The sentencing hearing for Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe will soon resume. The devastating impact of their actions on Brianna’s family will forever be felt, as they continue to mourn the loss of a remarkable young woman.

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