India Coach’s Honest Response: Rohit Sharma’s Yo-Yo Fitness Test Result

Does Rohit Sharma Pass Yo-Yo Fitness Test? India Coach’s Honest Response

Fitness has become a crucial aspect for players in the Indian cricket team, with the evolution of the game demanding higher levels of physicality. Leading the way in terms of fitness is Virat Kohli, who has set a fine example for his teammates. The introduction of the Yo-Yo test has also added to the emphasis on fitness, creating debates around players like Rohit Sharma. However, according to India’s strength and conditioning coach Ankit Kaliyar, Rohit is just as fit as Kohli.

Rohit Sharma, despite his bulky appearance, has consistently passed the Yo-Yo test and possesses remarkable agility and mobility on the field. Kaliyar praises Rohit’s fitness, stating that he is among the fittest cricketers. In an interview with the Times of India, Kaliyar remarked, “Rohit Sharma is a fit player. He has good fitness. He looks a bit bulky but he always passes the Yo-Yo test. He is as fit as Virat Kohli. He looks like he is bulky but we have seen him on the field. His agility and mobility is amazing.”

Kaliyar also acknowledges the role that Kohli has played in revolutionizing the fitness culture within the Indian team. Kohli’s commitment to fitness has created a culture of discipline and hard work among his teammates. Kaliyar highlights this, stating, “Virat is a leading example when it comes to fitness. He has created a culture of fitness in the team. When your top player is so fit, then you become an example for others. He injects confidence in others. When he was the captain, he ensured everyone remained fit. Fitness was his top parameter in the team. He has created that culture and discipline in the team. That atmosphere was created by Virat bhai and it’s a commendable thing. He is the reason why all the Indian players are so fit.”

Kaliyar also sheds light on young cricketer Shubman Gill, who considers Kohli not only as an inspiration in terms of batting but also in terms of fitness. Kaliyar believes that Gill, who is known for his skill and fitness, is following in Kohli’s footsteps. Kaliyar states, “Shubman is very fit. Not just fit, he is a very skillful player. There is no doubt that Shubman is inspired by Virat bhai. Be it batting, fitness, or skill, Shubman is following Virat bhai. I am sure Shubman will be doing well for the country in the coming years.”

As the Indian cricket team continues to prioritize fitness, players like Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill look up to Virat Kohli as their role model. Kohli’s dedication to fitness has not only improved his own performance but has also raised the standards for the entire team. With the Yo-Yo test becoming an integral part of the selection process, Indian players understand the importance of maintaining peak fitness levels in order to secure their spot in the national team.

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