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### Prosecution: Marvin’s Concerns

Marvin expresses his concerns about his girlfriend Lil’s sedentary lifestyle, stating that it is unhealthy for her to sit for hours on end. He emphasizes that he is not trying to control her but believes she should leave the house during the day and exercise more. Lil, a freelance writer, spends her days working from home without much physical activity, only occasionally leaving the house for a coffee or to heat up food.

Marvin worries about Lil’s lack of movement and suggests exercise and getting a personal trainer, but Lil dismisses his suggestions, attributing them to her natural petite figure. Despite his efforts to highlight the health risks associated with prolonged sitting, Lil remains resistant to the idea of exercising. Marvin, an avid surfer who enjoys the benefits of regular exercise, wants Lil to experience the same positive effects.

### Defence: Lil’s Perspective

Lil defends her lifestyle choices, asserting that she is a grown woman capable of deciding when and if she needs to exercise. She acknowledges her aversion to physical activity but emphasizes that she prioritizes her mental health and well-being in other ways, such as therapy. Due to financial constraints as a freelance writer, Lil cannot afford a personal trainer and prefers the idea of working with one to ease her into weight training.

Lil jokes about Marvin’s attempts to encourage her to exercise, attributing his efforts to societal pressures and expectations. She believes that she should not succumb to male pressure to change her body and asserts her independence in making decisions about her health and fitness. Despite Marvin’s offers to pay for a personal trainer, Lil remains adamant about maintaining control over her own lifestyle choices.

### The Jury of Guardian Readers

Guardian readers offer varying perspectives on the situation, with some acknowledging Marvin’s concerns about Lil’s health and others affirming Lil’s right to make decisions about her own lifestyle. Suggestions range from compromise, such as daily walks, to recognizing the impact of Lil’s choices on her relationship with Marvin. The debate highlights the complexities of balancing personal autonomy with considerations for health and well-being in a relationship.

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