Israel Urges 1.1 Million People in Gaza to Evacuate South Despite UN’s Warning of Impossibility

Gaza and Jerusalem

Gaza and Jerusalem

Evacuation Order in Northern Gaza

Israel’s military has issued a warning for 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza to evacuate their homes immediately. This comes as Israel prepares to increase its retaliatory offensive against Hamas following the group’s recent terror attacks. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) urged civilians to evacuate south for their own safety and to distance themselves from Hamas terrorists who use them as human shields. The IDF has reassured that it will make every effort to avoid harming civilians during its operations in Gaza City.

UN Condemns Evacuation Order

The United Nations expressed its concerns over the evacuation order, stating that it is impossible for civilians to evacuate in such a short timeframe. The UN emphasized that such an order would have devastating humanitarian consequences and urged Israel to rescind it immediately. The order applies to all UN staff and those seeking shelter in UN facilities, including schools, health centers, and clinics.

Gaza’s Dense Population and Humanitarian Crisis

Gaza City, located in the coastal strip, is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. With over 2 million people crammed into just 140 square miles, the city is already overcrowded. The ongoing blockade by Israel and Egypt has further exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Calls are growing for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to provide basic supplies to civilians, including water, food, fuel, and medicine.

Hamas’s Recent Atrocities

The recent atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel have sparked international outrage and escalated the long-standing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Hamas militants breached the heavily-fortified border and carried out a coordinated assault, killing both adults and children and taking hostages. The Israeli response has been swift and relentless, resulting in significant casualties and destruction in Gaza. The situation is dire, with essential supplies and medical services running out.

Plea for Humanitarian Aid

Relief organizations are urging the establishment of an urgent emergency corridor to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. The UN has warned that targeting innocent civilians and withholding essential supplies is against international law. Various countries and leaders, including the Biden administration and the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, are calling for Israel to allow access to humanitarian support.

Israel’s Firm Stance

Israel has stood firm in its response, stating that it is at war with Hamas and will not allow anything into Gaza that supports the fighting ability of the terrorist group. Israel’s energy minister has announced that supplies to Gaza will remain cut off until all hostages are freed. The mobilization of Israeli troops and military equipment near the Gaza border indicates that a ground incursion may be imminent.

Military Capability and Barbarity of Hamas

Hamas’s recent attack has demonstrated a high level of military capability and barbarity. Video evidence shows that militants extensively trained for the assault, using various tactics and techniques. The attack has shocked the international community, with images of murdered babies being released. The brutality of the attack has been condemned by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other world leaders.

Hamas Denies Involvement

Hamas has firmly denied its involvement in the killing and beheading of babies, dismissing the allegations as unethically and unprofessionally adopted by media outlets.

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