Jan. 6 Charges Lead to Arrest of Internet Pornography Figure by FBI

Internet Pornography Personality Arrested for Storming Capitol | SEO News

Internet Pornography Personality Arrested for Storming Capitol


Last week, the FBI made an arrest in connection with the storming of the Capitol on January 6th. The individual arrested is Paul Caloia, known as “GodHypnotic” in the internet pornography community. Caloia now faces four misdemeanor charges.

FBI Affidavit and Investigation

An FBI affidavit revealed that a witness reported on January 12th that an “internet pornography personality” had been boasting about their involvement in the attack on Skype. Caloia, aka GodHypnotic, initially stated that he went to the Capitol for reporting purposes when questioned by another individual in an online chat. However, the witness contradicted this claim.

Online “Sedition Hunters,” who have been instrumental in identifying Capitol rioters, had also been tracking Caloia. They had given him the nickname “RightWingRedWing” based on his appearance in videos from January 6th, where he was wearing a Detroit Red Wings hat.

Incriminating Video Evidence

The FBI obtained a video filmed by Caloia inside the Capitol on January 6th. This footage was saved by a witness who had attended high school with Caloia. In the video, Caloia can be heard describing the chaos and the presence of armed individuals. His statement provides compelling evidence of his involvement in the events that unfolded that day.

FBI Attempted Interview

In March 2023, the FBI tried to interview Caloia at his residence. However, when an officer knocked on the door, Caloia refused to open it or engage in conversation. This obstructive behavior suggests his reluctance to cooperate with the investigation.


With over 1,200 arrests and more than 450 individuals sentenced, the investigation into the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol continues to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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