Jennifer Lopez Prepares for Unstoppable Filming, Sweating it Out at the Gym in Her Preston High School Jacket

Jennifer Lopez Breaks a Sweat at Tracy Anderson’s Gym

Jennifer Lopez was spotted working up a sweat at Tracy Anderson’s members-only gym in Studio City on Tuesday. The 48-year-old celebrity fitness trainer charges a hefty initiation fee and annual dues for VIP access to her gym. Sporting a maroon jacket from her high school alma mater, Jennifer showcased her athletic background as she ran track, did gymnastics, played softball, and performed in musicals between 1982-1986. She paired her retro jacket with sparkly leggings and white Prada sneakers, completing her workout look. Going makeup-free and tying her hair up into a messy top-bun, Jennifer was ready to challenge herself during her workout session.

Fitness is a crucial part of Jennifer Lopez’s life, and she likes to start her day by breaking a sweat. She believes that there is a positive correlation between exercise and mental health, and she constantly looks for ways to keep herself motivated and excited about her fitness routine. Jennifer is not afraid to challenge herself and often works out with Tracy Anderson and New York-based trainer David Kirsch. She believes that determination and focus help her find a good balance and be the best version of herself.

Aside from her gym session, Jennifer also received exciting news about her film, Unstoppable. After a seven-month production shutdown due to the WGA strike, filming is set to resume on December 12. Jennifer will be portraying Judith Robles, the mother of one-legged wrestling champ Anthony Robles, in Oscar-winning editor William Goldenberg’s directorial debut. The film, based on the book of the same name by Austin Murphy, will also star Jharrel Jerome, Don Cheadle, Michael Peña, and Bobby Cannavale. Jennifer likely landed the role thanks to her husband, filmmaker Ben Affleck, who is producing the film alongside Matt Damon.

In addition to her film projects, Jennifer has been promoting her new single, “Can’t Get Enough,” which is set to release on January 10. The song will be part of her ninth studio album, This Is Me… Now, and will also be featured in her musical experience premiering on Amazon Prime Video on February 16. The album marks Jennifer’s return to the music scene after her 2014 record, A.K.A. She dedicated nine songs on the album to Ben Affleck, showcasing their strong relationship.

It has been over a year since Jennifer wrapped up her role in the Netflix AI thriller Atlas. The Emmy-nominated producer is excited about the film, which she describes as a “beautiful movie about the future” that also explores the theme of letting people in. In the meantime, Jennifer continues to serve as an executive producer for the spin-off series Good Trouble, which resumes its fifth season on January 2.

Jennifer Lopez continues to impress with her dedication to fitness, her thriving film career, and her return to the music industry. With her upcoming projects, fans can expect to see more of Jennifer’s talent and passion in the coming months.

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