Jon Stewart Compares Trump and Biden on ‘Daily Show’ Return

The Daily Show’s Uncertain Fate: Jon Stewart’s Return and the 2024 Election

The Daily Show’s Uncertain Fate: Jon Stewart’s Return and the 2024 Election

Comedy Central’s decision to bring back Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show for Monday nights until the 2024 presidential election was a risky move. The show had recently won an Emmy Award under Trevor Noah’s tenure, but it still didn’t have a permanent replacement for Stewart, who left more than a year ago. Some speculated that the network might be waiting for a potential merger to cancel the show altogether.

A Hail Mary Decision

In the weeks leading up to Jon Stewart’s return, the fate of The Daily Show was uncertain. However, Comedy Central took a bold step and brought back Stewart as the host until the 2024 presidential election. Despite winning an Emmy Award under Trevor Noah’s tenure, the show still lacked a permanent replacement for Stewart. Speculations arose that the network was delaying decisions due to a potential merger. But The Daily Show was determined to revive its old magic.

Stewart Returns to Rapturous Applause

On Monday night, Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show as the host for the first time in nearly a decade. The studio audience welcomed him with rapturous applause. Stewart kicked off the show with the line, “Now, where was I?” He teased that he would be discussing topics like China, artificial intelligence, Israel, Palestine, and more. However, for his first show back, he focused on the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The Battle Between Biden and Trump

In the following minutes, Stewart humorously highlighted the battle between Biden and Trump. He showcased footage of Trump and his adult children struggling to recall basic facts during depositions, while Biden was portrayed as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Stewart even mocked Biden’s age-related gaffes, including his mix-up during an angry press conference and his ill-advised TikTok videos. He emphasized that both candidates were similarly challenged in their own ways.

The Candidates Outside the Norm

Stewart argued that both Biden and Trump were outside the norms of previous presidential candidates. He stressed that they were both pushing the limits of handling the toughest job in the world. He also countered the notion that voters should silence concerns and criticisms, asserting that it was the candidates’ responsibility to address them. While acknowledging that Biden wasn’t Trump, he reminded viewers that the stakes of this election made scrutiny necessary.

The Country’s Fate

Stewart concluded by stating that if your preferred candidate loses, bad things might happen, but the country isn’t over. Conversely, if your candidate wins, the country isn’t saved. He aimed to remind Americans that the 2024 election was critical but urged them not to overlook the flaws in their chosen candidates. He highlighted that voters had the power to affect change beyond the corrosive status quo.

Stewart’s Influence on the 2024 Discourse

Jordan Klepper, a correspondent who started under Stewart, playfully criticized his boss’ “snark and both sides-ism.” Klepper suggested that Stewart could have done more during the 2000 election to challenge the status quo. Nevertheless, Stewart returned to The Daily Show this year to have some sway over the 2024 discourse. His aim is to inform Americans that the two choices for president are not significantly different and equally terrible.

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