JSP Clothing Line: Eagles Team Up with Local Fashion Designer Jimmy Gorecki for Exclusive Collaboration

Former Skater Turns Fashion Entrepreneur

After ending his successful career as a skater, Norristown native, Jesse Gorecki, decided to put his marketing degree to use by creating his own brand, JSP, in 2013. Over the years, JSP has evolved from a sweatpants brand into a full-fledged fashion label. Now, Gorecki has taken his love for fashion to new heights by partnering with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Combining Skating and Fashion

Gorecki believes that skating and fashion are parallel to each other, and he has always made it a point to incorporate his passion for skating into his fashion projects. Even if the project is unrelated to skating, Gorecki ensures it is featured and presented accurately, respectfully, and tastefully.

Influenced by His Sisters and Philadelphia Roots

Gorecki attributes his taste for fashion and interest in the industry to his two sisters, who he describes as always dressing cool and being up-to-date with the latest trends. Growing up in Philadelphia, his sisters would take him shopping on Market Street, exposing him to the world of fashion. Despite now living in Los Angeles, Gorecki remains connected to his Philadelphia roots and is thrilled to collaborate with his favorite team, the Eagles.

A Project Rooted in Childhood Memories

Gorecki’s passion for his collaboration with the Eagles dates back to his childhood memories. He recalls generations of excitement and love for the team, which ultimately led to this project. Everything that JSP does ties back to Philadelphia and incorporates elements that are familiar and meaningful to the local community.

A Collaboration with the Eagles

Gorecki’s journey with the Eagles project began with a collaboration with Amoroso’s Italian Rolls. Through Jesse Amoroso, the vice president of the company, Gorecki connected with the Eagles’ marketing and merchandise teams, coinciding with Super Bowl LVII. As a lifelong fan, Gorecki’s pitch to the organization was simple – no brand can evoke the love and passion for the Philadelphia Eagles more than his own.

Seizing the Opportunity

Once given the green light, Gorecki wasted no time and immediately started working on the collaboration. With his deep connection to the team and his expertise in fashion, he aims to create products that truly capture the spirit of the Philadelphia Eagles and resonate with fans.

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