Judge to Consider Postponing Date of Trump’s Classified Docs Trial Following Hearing

Trump’s Trial Date Debate Continues

Argument Over Trial Date

Former President Donald Trump and special counsel Jack Smith were in a Florida courtroom, debating the trial date for Trump’s federal classified documents case. During the hearing, both parties presented their arguments without an immediate ruling from U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon.

Justice Department Policy

Smith’s office argued that a trial before the November election would not violate Justice Department policy, advocating for a July start. On the other hand, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, expressed concerns about holding the trial before the election, suggesting that it would be unfair to Trump.

New Trial Date Proposals

Smith proposed a new trial date of July 8, while Trump’s legal team preferred a trial date post the 2024 election. Trump attended the hearing alongside his co-defendants, Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira.

Concerns About Witness Intimidation

During the proceedings, the special counsel’s office raised concerns about potential witness intimidation in the case, emphasizing the need to protect witness identities. However, defense lawyer Emil Bove assured that they have no intention of causing harm or harassment to anyone.

Trump’s Legal Strategy

Trump’s lawyers have been advocating for the case’s dismissal based on the claim of presidential immunity. Despite pleading not guilty to the 37 criminal counts related to mishandling classified materials, Trump has been pushing to delay the trial.


As the trial date debate continues, both sides remain firm in their positions. While Smith’s team pushes for a July start, Trump’s legal team seeks a trial date post-election. The hearing shed light on concerns about witness intimidation, underscoring the complexity of the case as it progresses towards trial.

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