Kamala Harris demonstrates a lack of understanding of inflation dynamics

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Americans Feeling the Impact of Government Spending

Awareness is growing among average Americans about the uncontrollable government spending and resulting inflation, affecting their ability to make essential purchases such as homes, groceries, and even fast food.

Kamala Harris’ Perspective

A recent clip of Kamala Harris discussing the Inflation Reduction Act sheds light on her approach to the situation.

Harris passionately expressed, “Through initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Act, we are investing trillions of dollars into rebuilding America’s infrastructure – from roads and bridges to sidewalks. Our focus is on creating a sustainable clean energy economy and addressing the climate crisis through building adaptation and resilience.”

She further proposed, “For individuals raised in non-homeowner families, we are introducing a $225,000 grant towards a down payment when they decide to purchase a home.”

Concerns Raised by Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” expressed his concerns regarding Harris’ approach, highlighting the implications of her actions.

He remarked, “Harris was selected based on her race and gender, rather than qualifications, as she was polling at zero within her own party. This lack of experience is evident in her decision-making, such as pouring trillions of dollars into the economy through the Inflation Reduction Act, leading to increased costs.”

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